The History of LimeLife by Alcone | Christa Dowdy Law | Beauty Blogger | Lexington Ky

Just because you haven’t heard of “LimeLife professional products” doesn’t mean that they are brand new to the scene. Many products from our line have actually been around for decades and the brand, Alcone, was created in 1952 by Al Cohen.

LimeLife (formerly LimeLight) is an extension of our Parent Company, which is Alcone Co.

Alcone Co., in New York City has been a resource for the Professional Community of the fashion world, Broadway, movie sets, theater, television, celebrities, and makeup artists for over six decades! Mr. Cohen wanted these professionals to fill their kits with THE BEST brands in the industry!

ALCONE FUN FACT: Did you know that Alcone is a family owned business? The Mallardi family purchased Alcone in 1985 from Harriet and Alvin Cohen. At that time, Alcone was a very small company supplying makeup to the Broadway stars.

Proudly still a ‘ma and pa’ company but with a lot more to offer, making it a goal to continue to provide customers with the best products that the industry has to offer. Through the parent company, Alcone co., LimeLight (now LimeLife) by Alcone was developed. When MUA’s started referring their clients to purchase cosmetics from the Manhattan based Alcone retail store, the owners realized the need to empower makeup artists and create a business that pays the MUA’s a commission. While beta testing many platforms and the original DS company, Alcone at Home, the development of the skincare was happening.

A good friend of the Mallardi family was diagnosed with breast cancer. We know now, scientific research has proven that the chemicals we put on our skin leads to the mutation of the cells and can cause cancer. With the passing of their dear friend, the search and development for creating a skincare line that was free of harmful chemicals had begun.

The two, professional cosmetics and chemical free skincare, came together and created LimeLight by Alcone. Now we are THE FASTEST growing direct sales company.

Alcone, owned by the Mallardi Family, wanted to reward these artists for the referrals, so they began testing programs that gave back to their loyal fan base. Through trial and error, they came to the conclusion that a Direct Sales structure was the most efficient way to make this happen, and so Alcone at Home, later renamed LimeLight by Alcone was born.

To build a solid line, and with the help of the Makeup companies they have built strong relationships with over the course of sixty years, the Mallardi Family looked back through decades of sales reports and found the products that were most commonly favored among the professionals.

Due to this knowledge and research, The LimeLight by Alcone product line is made up of the most beloved and most highly favored professional cosmetics in the world.

Other companies typically formulate and manufacture 100% of their own products. LimeLife does not.

This takes the guess work out of the equation for clients, because they can trust that what they see in our catalogs has been tried, tested and scrutinized by Top Professional Artists.

What they purchase is absolutely the best, without question.

The amount of research that goes into each item in our catalog, prior to it being added, is staggering, but it is because of the Mallardi’s commitment to maintaining their impeccable reputation among the pros.