Back to School: Making A Great 1st Impression | Christa Dowdy Law | Beauty Blogger | LimeLife by Alcone | Lexington Ky

It’s that time! Back to school time! Everyone is scurrying for school supplies and new clothes and hair cuts! But what about makeup and skincare?

Teen years are the hardest for so many reasons!! Especially for girls (trust me, I was one!) The hormones, boys, making new friends, acne, eating disorders, depression, bullying, social media… so many issues face teens today. So many more then when I was a teen. So let’s make at least ONE area of her life perfectly PERFECT.

Let’s give her great skin and a great face of makeup!

First of all, we need great skin! I would have given anything to have had LimeLife in highschool. The products I used were so harsh my eyes would literally swell out of my head. And it’s as simple as this:

🌱The Fresh Start collection allows you to choose a face wash and moisturizer. For $44 you can get the BEST cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type. Choose from Dream Clean (oily or acne prone skin – most teens) or Quench Cleanse (normal to dry skin). And then your moisturizer, Skin Therapy and Calm Balm. I almost always recommend Skin Therapy as it is practically the most PERFECT moisturizer for every skin type.

🌱The Skin Confidence Collection allows you to choose a face wash, moisturizer and a mask of your choice for $82. So its basically the same as the Fresh Start Collection except you’re adding a mask – either the Mask of Zen or the Skin Polish. Both are fantastic for acne prone skin but again, depending on what type of skin you have. So your customization is endless!!!And then makeup!! You can’t go wrong with The Teen Collection! Not just for teens but a perfect place to start for anyone!!For $136, This collection includes your choice of

•one Botanical Foundation (I will color match her to her perfect shade)

•two Complete Concealers (one for concealing and one for highlighting!)

•one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Pressed Powder

•two Perfect Eyeshadows

•one Signature Jeweled Lip Gloss (with built in mirror)

(I recommend adding perfect mascara of course! For $20 you can’t go wrong!)

The Teen Collection really is our most affordable “starter” collection for ANYONE (even adults!) wanting a little bit of everything LimeLife but this will give your teenager’s school year a fresh start!!