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It’s August and the end of summer, so why all of the hype over sunscreen? I will tell you why! Because you don’t want skin cancer! Right? The sun doesn’t take a break and neither should you and the safest sunscreen,..LimeLife has just released the most incredible and most Perfect Sunscreen that I have been able to do any research on. It’s completely made from organic ingredients. It is a moisturizer, a makeup primer and it firms your skin as you wear it… PLUS an SPF 30. That’s 4 products in one. I would go on to say it was magic but I’m afraid someone would think I was being a little bit dramatic.

So why sunscreen in August? Well because we need to be wearing a sunscreen EVERYDAY that we aren’t in a completely blacked out room. Do you know that we aren’t even protected from the sun’s rays through a glass window? We would have to be in a windowless room 24/7 to be completely protected from the sun’s harmful rays.

Just what are those rays?

UVA: Ultraviolet A rays, also called “long wave” rays, make up 95 percent of the rays that reach the surface of the Earth. They can penetrate the skin much deeper than UVB rays, and are responsible for signs of aging (like dark spots and wrinkles). They also can initiate skin cancers. These are the rays that make you more tan. UVA rays can penetrate glass and clouds.

So in a nutshell, 95 percent of the rays that reach our skin are the harmful rays.

UVB: Ultraviolet B rays, or “shortwave” rays, don’t penetrate the skin as deeply. They’re what causes redness and sunburns. They are most intense from early spring to early fall, and during the day’s sunniest hours. UVB rays are not as likely to penetrate glass as UVA rays, but even though they dwindle in the winter, many can reach the Earth’s surface and are easily reflected off snow and ice. This makes them a bigger threat on the ski slopes, and at higher altitudes on sunny days.

Daily sunscreens are vital because of when we get the majority of our sun exposure. It’s not when we go to the beach or the pool but when we’re driving in the car and walking to work. As it turns out, sometimes those short bursts of sunshine are the most harmful. According to Cancer Research UK, short, intense exposure to the sun puts you at the highest risk of melanoma.

Besides wanting to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer, you want to wear sunscreen year around because you can take years off your skin!

Daily sunscreen use can prevent skin aging. A large study out of Australia were compared daily, those that used sunscreen daily and those that only used it occasionally. And after four and a half years, the group that used sunscreen only when they thought they needed it had significant brown spots and fine lines. But the daily group showed no detectable signs of aging.

So what is best? SPF 30 is perfect for everyday use. The FDA doesn’t approve anything with an SPF over 50 because nothing above 50 is any more effective than an SPF 50.

So in walks LimeLife by Alcone and the Perfect Sunscreen. Finally a product that not only protects our skin with the most perfect SPF 30 but also primes our skin for a perfect makeup application, it moisturizes our skin with only natural and organic ingredients, and it FIRMS our skin with anti aging ingredients which makes this sunscreen especially unique! It is LITERALLY “Perfect”.

So let’s talk about some of the ingredients that make our sunscreen so perfect! The Aloe is used as an emollient in our sunscreen to provide an easy application that hydrates the skin. It’s commonly used in sunscreens because it is easily accessible and is commonly a base ingredient in skincare. And we all know how aloe feels.

Buddleja has antioxidant properties and boosts the skins defenses against permanent UV induced damages!

Caprylhydroxamic Acid – an ingredient that may sound scary but this coconut derived ingredient naturally preserves the sunscreen so that we are able to avoid things like parables and other yucky (unnatural) ingredients.

Cetearyl Olivate – basically olive oil which is a great oil for the skin!

Chicory Root is the ingredient that boosts the anti aging benefits! It produces an IMMEDIATE firming effect while you will also see a collagen boosting effecting effect and the long term skin benefits of retinol, without using retinol! (NATURALLY) Do you see a trend here?

Helichrysum Italicum Oil is extracted from the Immortelle Flower, also known as the Everlasting Flower. This oil is known for its restorative and anti-aging properties!

Jojoba Seed Oil is an ingredient that is actually a wax but because it has such a low melting point, it exists as a liquid. What I love about this ingredient is that because of its antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties, this ingredient is often used to prevent or to treat acne. My conclusion, I don’t think I’ll worry about this sunscreen breaking me out like other (chemical) sunscreens.

Our sunscreen is vegan, cruelty-free, paraded-free, gluten-free and WORRY FREE!

The one an only active ingredient in our perfect sunscreen is zinc oxide. This mineral is the safest option when it comes to natural and broad spectrum sun protection.

Our sunscreen is only $38 and is so worth every penny. Especially when you consider the worth of your skin health! With all that this tube provides, why wouldn’t you protect your skin, firm your skin, prime your skin, and moisturize your skin? It’s simple! It’s PERFECT!


Back to School: Making A Great 1st Impression | Christa Dowdy Law | Beauty Blogger | LimeLife by Alcone | Lexington Ky

It’s that time! Back to school time! Everyone is scurrying for school supplies and new clothes and hair cuts! But what about makeup and skincare?

Teen years are the hardest for so many reasons!! Especially for girls (trust me, I was one!) The hormones, boys, making new friends, acne, eating disorders, depression, bullying, social media… so many issues face teens today. So many more then when I was a teen. So let’s make at least ONE area of her life perfectly PERFECT.

Let’s give her great skin and a great face of makeup!

First of all, we need great skin! I would have given anything to have had LimeLife in highschool. The products I used were so harsh my eyes would literally swell out of my head. And it’s as simple as this:

🌱The Fresh Start collection allows you to choose a face wash and moisturizer. For $44 you can get the BEST cleanser and moisturizer for your skin type. Choose from Dream Clean (oily or acne prone skin – most teens) or Quench Cleanse (normal to dry skin). And then your moisturizer, Skin Therapy and Calm Balm. I almost always recommend Skin Therapy as it is practically the most PERFECT moisturizer for every skin type.

🌱The Skin Confidence Collection allows you to choose a face wash, moisturizer and a mask of your choice for $82. So its basically the same as the Fresh Start Collection except you’re adding a mask – either the Mask of Zen or the Skin Polish. Both are fantastic for acne prone skin but again, depending on what type of skin you have. So your customization is endless!!!And then makeup!! You can’t go wrong with The Teen Collection! Not just for teens but a perfect place to start for anyone!!For $136, This collection includes your choice of

•one Botanical Foundation (I will color match her to her perfect shade)

•two Complete Concealers (one for concealing and one for highlighting!)

•one Perfect Blush, Bronzer or Pressed Powder

•two Perfect Eyeshadows

•one Signature Jeweled Lip Gloss (with built in mirror)

(I recommend adding perfect mascara of course! For $20 you can’t go wrong!)

The Teen Collection really is our most affordable “starter” collection for ANYONE (even adults!) wanting a little bit of everything LimeLife but this will give your teenager’s school year a fresh start!!

The History of LimeLife by Alcone | Christa Dowdy Law | Beauty Blogger | Lexington Ky

Just because you haven’t heard of “LimeLife professional products” doesn’t mean that they are brand new to the scene. Many products from our line have actually been around for decades and the brand, Alcone, was created in 1952 by Al Cohen.

LimeLife (formerly LimeLight) is an extension of our Parent Company, which is Alcone Co.

Alcone Co., in New York City has been a resource for the Professional Community of the fashion world, Broadway, movie sets, theater, television, celebrities, and makeup artists for over six decades! Mr. Cohen wanted these professionals to fill their kits with THE BEST brands in the industry!

ALCONE FUN FACT: Did you know that Alcone is a family owned business? The Mallardi family purchased Alcone in 1985 from Harriet and Alvin Cohen. At that time, Alcone was a very small company supplying makeup to the Broadway stars.

Proudly still a ‘ma and pa’ company but with a lot more to offer, making it a goal to continue to provide customers with the best products that the industry has to offer. Through the parent company, Alcone co., LimeLight (now LimeLife) by Alcone was developed. When MUA’s started referring their clients to purchase cosmetics from the Manhattan based Alcone retail store, the owners realized the need to empower makeup artists and create a business that pays the MUA’s a commission. While beta testing many platforms and the original DS company, Alcone at Home, the development of the skincare was happening.

A good friend of the Mallardi family was diagnosed with breast cancer. We know now, scientific research has proven that the chemicals we put on our skin leads to the mutation of the cells and can cause cancer. With the passing of their dear friend, the search and development for creating a skincare line that was free of harmful chemicals had begun.

The two, professional cosmetics and chemical free skincare, came together and created LimeLight by Alcone. Now we are THE FASTEST growing direct sales company.

Alcone, owned by the Mallardi Family, wanted to reward these artists for the referrals, so they began testing programs that gave back to their loyal fan base. Through trial and error, they came to the conclusion that a Direct Sales structure was the most efficient way to make this happen, and so Alcone at Home, later renamed LimeLight by Alcone was born.

To build a solid line, and with the help of the Makeup companies they have built strong relationships with over the course of sixty years, the Mallardi Family looked back through decades of sales reports and found the products that were most commonly favored among the professionals.

Due to this knowledge and research, The LimeLight by Alcone product line is made up of the most beloved and most highly favored professional cosmetics in the world.

Other companies typically formulate and manufacture 100% of their own products. LimeLife does not.

This takes the guess work out of the equation for clients, because they can trust that what they see in our catalogs has been tried, tested and scrutinized by Top Professional Artists.

What they purchase is absolutely the best, without question.

The amount of research that goes into each item in our catalog, prior to it being added, is staggering, but it is because of the Mallardi’s commitment to maintaining their impeccable reputation among the pros.