July Was So Bright | Christa Dowdy Law | LimeLife by Alcone | Beauty Blogger | Lexington, KY

I realize July is almost over but HOLY COW we had some amazing products launch this month that I just can’t go without mentioning!!! Our new shades added to our “take a hint” sheer lipstick collection have been a HUGE hit and I can tell you why! For those of us that don’t usually wear lipstick, these little babies are more like chopstick. They go on so creamy smoothie and light, they aren’t cakey and they are sheer. I have no problem slapping this color on in the car or walking to my office without a mirror! And yes, I’m one of those girls that never really wore lipstick until LimeLife!

Click the images to shop!Something else I was so excited to see what our eyeshadow collection expand to add 18 new shades! We now have the capability of customizing 4, 6 or 18 color palettes! You know how sometimes you pay an outrageous amount for an eyeshadow palette, only to use 2 of the colors? Not with LimeLife! Pick the colors you WANT!


And look at these choices!

Our eyeshadows are nearly PERFECT… Okay okay, I lied. They ARE perfect. A little History on our eyeshadow – They were originally supplied to our company by iL Makiage (the original Mac). LimeLife wanted to tweak the formula to make the eyeshadow a higher pigmentation, paraben-free, more blendable and added staying power. After a year of testing and reformulating, they developed this eyeshadow to PERFECTION! Truly an incredible history!

July was such an incredible month for LimeLife, for new products, and for growth of our team! I am so excited to see what we have coming in August! This journey just continues to get better and better!

The Sweetheart Maven | Christa Dowdy Law | Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger | Lexington, KY

If I could sum up my description for this blog in a short and concise sentence, I think it would be… A blog featuring the most amazing professional skincare and cosmetic line in over 50 years, with sprinkles of wit, wisdom and storytelling from a single mom who is raising a beautiful boy with autism and on many occasions refers to herself as “Mama Bear”. Yep, I think that’s a pretty good description!

To get started, The Sweetheart Maven isn’t official… yet. It’s a name that I have been using on my Pinterest page for some time and it seems to be gathering quite a following. I have purchased the web address. It’s just a matter of making that official transition. But this is my first step, leaking it to my network. So here it is… drip drip.

Why Sweetheart Maven? Well first of all, I’m a little southern and if you’re lucky, I’ve called you sweetheart at least once or twice. And the definition of maven is “expert” or “connoisseur” and I happen to be a self proclaimed expert and connoisseur in many things! (Haha) This should be fun.

I have had difficulties in the past keeping blogs current but I believe they were too “niche” centered. And yes, LimeLife will be a huge part of this blog. But it won’t just be about LimeLife. I have been building my brand for the past year and I plan to explore all areas in writing – one of my favorite outlets.

So here goes nothing!

Welcome to my new blog, my new identity… The Sweetheart Maven.